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Thinking Of Starting A B2b Podcast? Ask These Three Questions First

What exactly is a business-to-business podcast?

A B2B podcast is one that is created by a B2B company with the intention of content marketing, content-based networking, and creating industry expertise.
If you’re a B2B marketer and you’re not thinking of creating a podcast then you must know podcasts have evolved from nerdy, niche listening to mainstream entertainment, and they’ve become an essential component of any forward-thinking brand’s content mix.

  1. But how can you know if a podcast is suited for you – and what makes one good?
  2. We can shed some light on that.
  3. These three questions are a solid starting point.

What, in reality, are our goals?

You should always start with the introduction in any piece of content, but it still needs to be spoken. Because there’s something about the process of making a podcast that can cause logical justifications to fall by the wayside.

There are two distinct types of podcasts: those with a defined goal and those that are really an ego trip by a marketer or other stakeholder who wants to be a well-known thought leader.

Additionally, you must have realistic expectations about your abilities. It’s doubtful that you’ll attract a sizable audience in a specialized market or a sector with established leaders. You’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you base your expectations on dazzling statistics from Apple Podcasts Connect or Spotify for Podcasters.

Podcasts must instead do these three tasks. First and foremost, expand your network of intelligent, like-minded acquaintances. Second, establish yourselves as authorities on particular topics (B2B content writing, in our case). Third, it must truly be useful for people to find and spread it.

The number of listeners is the incorrect statistic in the situation. We are curious about the people we are reaching and their opinions.

How are we going to be distinctive?

Things have changed since then. There are probably more podcasts available in any B2B industry you can think of than anyone could possibly find the time to listen to.How do you attract the proper listeners, and why should they choose to listen to you instead of someone else? What is your hook or angle?

Any of the following factors could be the cause, or more likely, you might discover your inspiration at a crossroads where several of them converge:

A very specific target market

Try out a position in a specific type of business or sector. and/or with a specific challenge or professional outlook. Who is the listener you most want to believe “yes, this podcast speaks to me”? The more specific you can be, the more the appeal.

A powerful, unwavering idea

Because a podcast isn’t novel or innovative in and of. It should be an intriguing podcast.

An unique, approachable format

Consider your audience and the situations in which they are most likely to listen, and then purposefully design your podcast to fit those situations. Consider something the length of a bus ride, for instance, if your listeners commute and the market is already saturated with lengthy discussion podcasts. Or perhaps you’re talking about something that might benefit from a really in-depth deep dive.

A wonderfully unique guest list

You’re not required to be the story’s protagonist. In fact, not being there is frequently preferable. Why not interview people who your target audience truly wants to hear from rather than the usual suspects featured on every podcast? Your customers are more likely interested in hearing from peers and/or heroes than from a vendor. They’ll probably share the episode on social media as an added benefit, so you’ll probably also reach some of their network.

A name and piece of art that are distinct and memorable

Your difficult task after defining your hook is to turn it into a name that is simultaneously memorable, engaging, and simple to search for on listening platform search engines. And don’t forget that among a massive wall of search results, your podcast artwork will appear. Search the web and consider what will stick out on the page.

What do we have a firm commitment to?

Last but not least, it’s critical to establish some ideas early on that will direct how you put together your podcast going forward. And you might wish to declare those goals in front of others.Having a podcast is a tremendously appealing concept. However, in reality, individuals frequently misjudge how much time and effort it takes.

The desire to occasionally skimp (or even skip an episode) grows stronger and stronger very quickly as a result. That could work out OK or it could not. Determining your red lines and what you’re genuinely committed to doing is necessary for this reason.

If you’re courageous enough to make those vows public, the idea of someone watching you and keeping you accountable will actually help to keep you honest. for instance

Will you publish your podcast on a regular schedule?

Ad-hoc content releases allow you flexibility when circumstances change or other job priorities arise, but you could find that this occurs more frequently than you expect. A weekly, fortnightly, or monthly schedule, on the other hand, can be overwhelming, but it does at least guarantee the podcast is recorded.Additionally, it informs your audience of how frequently and when they may anticipate hearing from you.The deadline is a great motivator, even though they presumably have no understanding that’s what we do.

How many episodes do you plan to produce?

There are some podcasts that go indefinitely, but it’s not the only option. By breaking up your podcast into seasons, you may experiment: deliver, reflect, and, if necessary, refine.

What provisions would you make for accessibility and diversity?

Other promises that you might wish to make include ones to diversity, inclusion, or accessibility, and you should let these inform how you put your podcast together. Your podcast should feature a variety of voices.

How are your commitments ranked in order?

Your goals for your podcast may occasionally contradict one another. It’s critical to understand who wins in this situation.


The structure is more versatile than you might realize, which means there is more opportunity to use it in shrewd, strategic ways. Put your preconceived notions aside so that you can be imaginative with the theme, the duration, the guest list, and the tone.The key is to start with a certain objective in mind and let it direct your production decisions.