Direct Mail

Direct Mail is one of the most significant, influential and effective forms of marketing communications. It gives you many competitive advantages in building and strengthening your business, to help you stay ahead of the competition.

The most important difference between Direct Mail and other forms of marketing communications is that you get to know your customers as individuals and, as a result, develop a deeper understanding of their needs and interests. This allows you to employ very personal, targeted and persuasive methods of selling.




Two big advantages here: firstly, you can talk to your customers without your competitors knowing, and, secondly, your customers can see your message without the distraction and clutter common in mass media.


You can mail your potential customers at any time you choose, using a wide variety of designs. You can mail letters, postcards, colour brochures, product samples and even joint promotions, all of which contain a response 2/21 device. Itʹs entirely up to you to decide what to use, and the only constraints are your budget and your imagination. 


Decide exactly whom you want to reach, and then speak to them one‐to‐one in the privacy of their own homes or offices.


Nothing is left to chance. The success of a Direct Mail campaign can be easily measured by counting the number of responses, unlike a TV campaign in which you may have no clear idea of how effectively your marketing money was spent.


As soon as youʹve seen just how well Direct Mail can work, it becomes a ʺself‐financingʺ medium. You can actually identify a cost per response and fine‐tune your future budgets and targets accordingly.


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