Provide us with a better understanding of your DATA VERIFICATION requirements

Our Email List is the most up-to-date, dependable, and responsive list on the market. OriginLists Email Database contains a wide range of data to help you improve your marketing campaigns and increase your ROI.

    Data Verification

    OriginLists data management “Data Verification” which different types of data are checked for accuracy and inconsistencies after data migration. It helps to determine whether data was accurately translated when data is transferred from one source to another, is complete and support processes in the new system.

    Data verification service provides an opportunity for our customers to avoid using incorrect data. Our automated and manual data verification process scans, verifies and normalizes data to produce accurate, up-to-date data.

    Benefits :

    • Reduce cost of mailing and shipping returns
    • Increase Email delivery
    • Enable accurate decision making
    • Assure data quality
    • Catch junk or suspicious data

    The success of your customer communication :

    Whether you have successful customer communications depends directly on the quality of your data. You might spend thousands of breathtaking emails and multi-channel messages with irresistible offers every day.

    Your campaign is not reaching your target audience, and you are meeting with your core team of managers to analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns and diagnose the reasons why your campaigns have not been successful.

    As part of your business growth strategy, why do you need Data Verification?


    Improve your in-house data with the most relevant & multi-source verified contact intelligence. Boost the efficiency of your multi-channel marketing campaigns with over 75+ intelligence fields.


    You can plan targeted campaigns based on niche customer personas, titles, and geography. You can optimize your campaign efficiency 100x with global B2B custom data.


    It’s a fact. We like to save up and attempt to manage everything ourselves. However, this is more harmful than helpful. You will waste time and resources on what should be the responsibility of the expert. Find an independent vendor you can rely on when it comes to data verification. While this might seem like an additional expense, it can substantially increase your profits and connect you with the perfect audience for your business.

    FAQ's on Data Verification

    Without a doubt. Please contact our customer service team if you want a particular set of sample data.

    OriginLists is dedicated to offering the most accurate data available. Each record is double-checked by our database experts for consistency and completeness. The accuracy of the list will be guaranteed to be at least 95%.

    Every 60-90 days, we refresh our database and re-verify it before distributing it to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

    Yes, indeed. We can substitute contacts at no additional charge if there is a hard bounce of more than 10%.

    Yes, you are free to use the list as much as you want.