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16 Essentials Quality Check For Your B2B Content

The issue with writing is that it is all very subjective, at least if you are the one who has to read it. Someone else’s definition of “good” could be very different from yours. Discussing books, playwrights, or poets, is still an exception. However, if you’re in charge of editing and approving written marketing content, […]

Thinking Of Starting A B2b Podcast? Ask These Three Questions First

What exactly is a business-to-business podcast? A B2B podcast is one that is created by a B2B company with the intention of content marketing, content-based networking, and creating industry expertise. If you’re a B2B marketer and you’re not thinking of creating a podcast then you must know podcasts have evolved from nerdy, niche listening to […]

10 Words you should NEVER use in B2B copy

Your content needs all the help it can get because there is a tonne of stuff competing for people’s attention. But for some reason, the concept was couched in terminology that was overly complex. The kind that we sort of overlook because, well, it’s B2B. It’s simple to claim that using industry jargon will make […]

Difference between B2B v/s B2C Marketing

Clearly brands have understood that there are different factors driving purchasing behavior and sales cycle for both business and consumer buyers. For B2B brands, the marketing team focuses on rational and logical process-driven purchasing decisions while for B2C brands, the marketing team focuses on much more personalized and emotion-driven purchasing decisions.Of course, these are not […]

The Importance of Brand Personality in B2B business – How to Create one

A brand personality puts a human face on your brand, making it unique in a competitive market. Brand personality signals whether your brand is adventurous or safe, fun or serious, trustworthy or suspectful which is just as important for B2B brands as it is for consumer-facing brands.Customers are looking for a brand that speaks to […]

Study Confirms: Email is still the Top Marketing Tool

The key to running a successful business is alluring customers and clients to do business with you. And, that is possible with premium marketing strategies.Regarding digital marketing, businesses have myriad options to explore in driving targeted customers to take the ultimate action on their website or store.But one digital marketing channel that has consistently done […]

8 Brilliant ways to Increase Email Deliverability

Getting emails delivered to the user’s inbox is one of the biggest difficulties most email marketers struggle with. It’s discouraging to see your emails land in spam despite all the effort and time you’re invested in creating a compelling email. Your emails are pointless unless they actually make it to the user’s inbox.If your emails […]

How to Build an Email List From Scratch

Email marketing not only helps you to build a relationship with your audience, but gives you a way to nurture leads and convert them into long lasting customers. No matter what type of business you are into, an email list is the essential element of a successful marketing strategy. With that list, you can promote […]

Seven Steps to Build Your B2B Email List

Your company’s email list is only as good as your contact database. No matter how great your emails are, they won’t work if they don’t reach the target audience. Eventually, your contacts change jobs or receive promotions, their companies go out of business or merge with entirely different organizations, it is very important to verify […]