About Us

OriginLists provides a complete suite of premier Business List Services and Data Appending Services through which businesses can add missing and valuable information to their database.

We are the pioneer in having 100+ dedicated data scientists to cater our global client base. Our experience with various clients in past 16 years has given us the understanding about the business and confidence to challenge any issue.

We aim at helping you get connected with the highly potential markets through offering a unique marketing database, which can impact your business significantly. Our team values every minute to offer you an elegant and worth full solution to ensure that your messages reach your targeted audience each time.

The success lies with the Bold tragedy,Creative Implementation, stepping New Strategy and the lesson from experience “OriginLists” has been Wonderfully handling all the above and standing with golden 16 years of prosperous clients with satisfied Business.”
We are passing the way for you take into the “globe world” with all sorts of layers with enlarging brand.


OriginLists Have as a Strong team leading clients business into different level, where the result would be amazing, The Best Marketing solutions with updated version of multiple Technologies is live with us and it’s always for you.

Our values

  • Brand loyalty
  • Creativity-Drive (open innovation )
  • Collaborative Team
  • leverage our strength
  • Passionate and proud
  • Building positive relationship

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