OriginLists is one of the world's leading providers of b2b data driven business solutions!

For the past 16 years, we have seen the data industry at its best and its worst!

B2b owners and marketers are still struggling to find better growth and business opportunities. Almost half of the b2b industrial crowd are looking to integrate their existing marketing solutions online with the hope of finding qualified sales leads. In this regard, OriginLists has helped dozens of global companies reach out to their desired customers and earn global prospects by providing smarter ways through data solutions.

Right database + Right tools + Our efforts = Your success and growth

We provide a premier list of business and appending services, databases, and insights essential for b2b sales and marketing campaigns. We can help you connect across highly valuable prospects whom you can nurture and convert without much hassle.

We believe in providing 360-degree b2b data-based solutions

We understand the number of resources and dollars spent on sourcing genuine clients. Through our data-driven solutions, we are here to help you solve your marketing challenges and promote sustainable business growth.

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OriginLists has a committed team of specialists working towards providing cost-effective data-driven marketing solutions. We strive to provide optimum quality data services blended with the latest technologies – to fulfil your sales and marketing needs in the best possible way.  

How can we assist you?

OriginLists maintains a rich data repository of over 107 million business records and updates the data constantly to ensure its accuracy and reliability. Personalized B2B Marketing Data is available based on industry, geographic region, demographics, size of the prospective market, etc.

Integrated Marketing Solutions (IMS) provides pre-packaged and customized B2B Marketing Data. Our rich database of decision-makers from quite a few industries gives marketers the information they need to contact their prospects via phone, email, or physical mail.

About Us - OriginLists

Dedicated professional

It is a privilege to work with a passionate team.


The services we provide are of high quality.

Ensures Consistency

Communication is an important aspect we value highly.

Aim For Excellence

Our mission is to provide exceptional data services.

As part of our comprehensive data range, we offer businesses insights, market research, and IT support services – so they can focus on advancing without unwanted distractions.

Our values

We strongly support and encourage businesses to integrate data-driven methods for finding qualified prospects and guaranteed conversions.

  • Integrity:- We ensure our clients meet their desired goals despite the marketing challenges.
  • Innovation:- From browsing ideal leads to preventing risks of losing them, we furnish unique data solutions to nurture them.
  • Clarity:- We value our customers the most! Therefore we follow complete transparency and uprightness in the data-based solutions we provide.
  • Commitment:- Every day, we strive to learn, grow, and deliver our best for the sake of our clients.
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At OriginLists, we believe in empowering our customers to make better business-related decisions through our data solutions.

We understand the value of time invested and aim to help our clients maximize profit margins – by opening the door to pitching their products and services to global audiences.

How do we work?

Our business model adds operational productivity and assists clients in achieving their goals without wasting resources and time.

  1. Discussion and confirmation – After proper discussion and consultation, our lead strategists will confirm your order either by call or by email.
  2. Immediate Execution – Our team of data specialists will start sourcing genuine data from trustable resources based on your business requirements.
  3. Complete quality check – The database will be subjected to rigorous quality checks via both AI and manual techniques before delivery. This step is done to minimize errors and ensure 100% accuracy.
  4. Complete customization – Database will be segmented in various formats (.csv or .xls) as per your business requirements.
  5. Delivery and support – We have a team of support executives to assist or clarify any doubts related to our products post-delivery.   

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A glimpse of client industries whom we serve:

Across the globe, our industry-centric databases have seen substantial profits from various sectors, including healthcare, real estate, education, finance, and many others.

Starting from the past till today, we have endless leading companies who have trusted us as their data partner.

So why can’t you?

See everything from company revenue to company size in one spot, to get detailed information on your prospects and contacts.