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List Management

Please get rid of old and outdated data using our list management services, where we help you clean, validate and update your data regularly.Learn More »

Data Management

Data Management comprises all the disciplines related to managing data as a variable resource and it is the implementation of policies.Learn More »

Data Appending

One of the top services provided by us which is also known as e-appending as marketing practice that involves known as customer.Learn More »

Technology Email List

Increase campaign returns by gaining access to tele-verified email list of technology users. We provide 20 million + technology database.Learn More »

Business Email List

OriginLists provides business email lists or b2b email which is verified by expert data scientists to offer the best outcomes possible.Learn More »

Healthcare Email List

OriginLists provides High-quality healthcare email list and medical email list and helps  you to reach over a million healthcare professionals.Learn More »

Extend the reach of business.

Count on OriginLists for the best in the industry and world-class data management services. We ensure that the databases of our clients are regularly updated and appended in accordance with marketing standards.

By adding up to the missing and valuable information across the databases, such as Contact Name, Email Address, Job Title, Phone Number, Fax Number, Direct mail Address, wherever is necessary, we help you take your business to the next level in the marketplace.

We do not just focus on the quantity of the dataset. we focus on the quality too!

Reach new heights of success with us


Accurate & Complete Data

Our business data is accurate and complete. We also guarantee more than 95% of accuracy on data fields.

Detailed Industry & Other Criteria

Our data is not limited to one particular industry or business. We supports all industries and businesses.

Comprehensive Database Sourcing

We are backed by the power of top data providers across the globe and we know what really matters.

Pre-Delivery Validation

The data is verified and validated before delivery. This process would take at least 2 to 5 working days.

Cleansed Every 60 Days

Every 60 days, data cleansing will be done interactively with data wrangling tools.

Dedicated Account Manager

We support you with a dedicated account manager throughout your journey for all your business needs.

Our Happy Clients

See everything from company revenue to company size in one spot, to get detailed information on your prospects and contacts.

Experience sales at an incredible speed

B2B Contacts
Phone Contacts
Industry Categories
Countries Served

You can connect and close ideal customers with our B2B company contact database and buying signals.


We founded Originlists intending to help B2B companies in every part of the world. Originlists encourages businesses to increase revenue by adopting data-driven marketing solutions that help to grow traffic, generate and convert leads.

By delivering data-driven intelligence and solutions, we hope to empower businesses and assist them in achieving sustainable growth.

We help them identify, connect with, nurture, and convert potential high-value prospects through effective marketing and sales campaigns.

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