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For the last 61 years Fortune Magazine has been publishing a list of Top 1000 publicly and privately traded companies, by revenue. So if you are thinking what’s common to organizations like Wal-Mart, Apple Inc., AT&T, The Boeing Company, Google, Merck, Goldman Sachs, Aramark, Marriott International and many others, the answer is simple – they all form a part of the Fortune 1000 companies list!.

But while these companies have excelled in their specific fields and managed to accelerate revenue and customers, they belong to different industries. That’s where we at Origin Lists can help with our Fortune 1000 email list! For marketers, gaining access to business data is both time-consuming and risky, considering their expertise and skill lie someplace else. With our Fortune 1000 companies business email list, marketers can easily eliminate challenges in communication by supporting their campaigns with data that is accurate, authentic and specific to their business.

At Origin Lists therefore we have designed the Fortune 1000 companies executives contact lists exclusively with data on key decision makers from across industries.and Gas etc. Our email marketing list of Fortune 1000 companies corporate decision makers! So if you think you have identified your audiences and are ready to reach out to them, then now is the best time to engage with your audiences and get your brand and products noticed by campaigning with our Fortune 1000 companies executives email lists!.


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